What is PBC MS4 NPDES?

The Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit allows a permittee to discharge stormwater from its stormwater collection and conveyance system into a receiving water owned by the state and/or federal government. The requirements detailed in the permit are intended to reduce stormwater pollutant discharges into those receiving water bodies.

In 1987, the Environmental Protection Agency was required, under Section 402 (p) of the Clean Water Act (N40CFR Part 112.26), to establish final regulations governing stormwater discharge permit application requirements. In 1990, the Federal Register indicated that the Palm Beach County area was to begin compliance with the program. In 1997, the first 5-year permit was issued to Palm Beach County's forty co-permittees. In November 2002, the second cycle permit was issued. In March 2011, the third cycle permit was issued.

What is PBC MS4 NPDES Program?

Palm Beach County MS4 permittees have taken a cooperative approach to permit compliance, jointly conducting several permit activities and collectively developing a number of tools used to carry out the permit programs. Each permit cycle, the lead permittee (Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District (NPBCID)) enters into inter-local agreements with each of the remaining permittees to oversee the joint activities.

A Steering Committee, comprised of one representative from the lead permittee, two representatives of larger municipalities, two representatives of smaller municipalities, one representative of a special district, and one representative from Palm Beach County, coordinates the joint activities and advises NPBCID. The Committee meets regularly (approximately monthly) typically at the offices of the Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District (NPBCID) to coordinate the program.

Acting as staff to the Steering Committee and assisting with the administration of the joint activities are Mock•Roos and Caldwell, Pacetti, et al.

Committee Meeting

The next steering committee meeting is scheduled for:
September 21, 2016
9:00 AM-11:00 AM
Location: NPBCID

PBC & the SE Florida Climate Compact
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Written Procedures (SOPs)
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